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  • Why Leafboard


    We use 3 layers of fiberglass mixed with 8 layers of Canadian maple for the deck and 2.5mm of carbon fiber make up the battery case. These materials are light but super strong. A 5000mAh Lithium Polymer battery and FOC ESC is embedded within the deck.

    We designed a highly efficient and durable power system, a customized 1800 watt motor provides reliable, long-lasting power.

  • Specifications

  • 19 Mph

    Max Speed

    11.5 Miles


    70 Minutes

    Fast Charging

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    Remote Controller

    Bluetooth 4.0 OLED


    5000 mAh lithium-polymer

    Night LED Light

    Extra Safety in Low Visibility

  • Portable & Powerful

    At a mere 9.7 lbs  Leafboard is the lightest freestyle electric skateboard available today. It reaches speeds of up to 19 mph and has a single-charge range of 11.5 miles.

  • Pick Your Design

    Leafboard has the most deck styles available, to make it special. There are 5 types of underside wood veneer and 5 different designs of topside grips to choose from.

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